Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making a list.....

Yippee I'm finally on holidays with two weeks of  no work  (of the paid variety). However the lists have been formulating in my head of all the jobs to do.....and having transferred the list to paper it's looking pretty full. The top of the list is a massive cooking extravaganza to create all the amazing recipes I've been hoarding waiting for the pace of life to slow down........ Vegie Mama is a huge inspiration, Diary of a Recipe Addict  will definately be visited  as well as attempting some recipes  by   Baby Mac ......fingers crossed (or burnt). As well as there will be lunches with friends, a few looooooong walks, movie viewing, chucking out all the accumulated really useful stuff  that belongs to my kids who have moved out spring cleaning (in winter) house maintenance, vege gardening, exploring new blogs and my favourite, a few late sleep ins. Just need the body clock to adjust. And I will finally plan my trip away next year......Bonjour Madame France.

Are you a list writer? 
Does it ever all get done? 

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