Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brushes Down

I seem to make snap decisions based on barely any thought to planning. That's how I seem to get things done, leave me alone with an idea and progress is slow. So three weeks ago I decided the inside of this house needs painting. Got the painter, got the quote and can you start on Monday?
Excellent everything in place, colour decision was made almost on the spot, so ok let's do it! ( well the painter, not me I am not a painter)

The only problem was that a gazillion tonnes of stuff needed to be cleared, moved, stored. Surprise was that three quarters of a gazillion tonne was tossed out....not even missed.

 I'm all loved up with the colour. The colour I chose was "Sandy Day Half" with white skirting boards, white picture rails and a dazzling white ceiling. Spring cleaning to the max.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Dirty

At the moment I am in happy holiday mode. I am also mourning the loss of my previous email account that was hacked and sadly now lost, goodbye my friend I knew you well. Many attempts were made to retrieve it but alas a consequence I have not blogged in some time.  So it's full steam ahead with holiday projects, number one project an addition to my vegetable garden. Just love digging in goodness and waiting for my little seedlings to grow. Hello salad soon! Would definitely add a photo IF I could figure out why Dropbox has abandoned me.....any clues?