Monday, November 12, 2012

My Fathers Hands

With just a whole lot of pride and a great big whoosh of love we celebrated my dads 80th birthday.

With 80 years of hard work behind him it's now time for him to sit back and enjoy these years.......perhaps for some but not my dad.

He would modestly describe himself as a carpenter, but he's achieved so much more. He painstakingly built our family home with every year seeing a new modification, we had a cellar under the house that was the envy of all.

Every relative and friend have called on him over the years to add to their homes time and time again. I have fortunately been the recipient of his skills and proudly know that my house is strong, safe and secure.  Built with my fathers hands.

At 80 you will still find him labouring long and hard on a building project and now my son has a house in need of work so of course there he is at it again.

I think he was a bit in awe of our gift to him but like the skilled craftsman I know him to be it wasn't long until he had conquered a new puzzle.
Happy Birthday Dad xxx
Enjoy your new technology 

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